Hay Gurl Hay Café is the blog of queer vegan, EG Nelson.  EG has loved cooking for herself and others since she became vegan in the 1990s.  As a high school student temporarily trapped in the suburbs, there wasn't a whole lot of widely available vegan baked goods to choose from.  So she decided she would have to bake her own.  She really started to get crazy with the baking after working in a not-vegan cookie factory in Queens, NYC, using her newly acquired cookie-decorating skills to make treats for family and friends during the holiday season.  In 2012, she studied under the Diva of Vegan Desserts, Fran Costigan, at the Natural Gourmet Institute and sold at the Midtown Farmers Market with the Courageous Crumb Baking Co-Op the same year.  A strong supporter of her queer and vegan communities, she frequently bakes for fundraisers and banquets, and occasionally teaches classes for Compassionate Action for Animals. She aspires to discover even more creative ways to bring vegan food to the masses