Beer Brats!

Submitted by HayGurl on Tue, 05/31/2016 - 22:00
Beer brats steaming

So I recently signed up for an online cooking course (don't worry, I will blog my way through that) and have been experimenting a bunch with vital wheat gluten (VWG).  Sorry gluten-free folks, this post is not for you. VWG is pretty amazing.  Add some seasonings and a little liquid to this stuff, apply some heat and you have a chewy blob (or whatever shape you give to it) of yumminess.

Rawstravagana - Buckwheat Tabouli

Submitted by HayGurl on Sat, 06/13/2015 - 11:04
Buckwheat Tabouli

I’m back! I haven’t blogged in a while and now that the whole article I just wrote up got deleted I remember why.  I suck at technology.

Anyway, it is that time of the year again…rawstravaganza.  That is what I call my annual week-long stint of a basically raw diet.  I say basically and use “raw” loosely because I am not super picky about it my food stays under certain temperatures or the nuts I buy have been pasteurized or stuff like that.  I’m doin it my way, the rawstravaganza way.

Easy Vegan Chocolate!

Submitted by HayGurl on Sun, 02/15/2015 - 08:50
Vegan chocolates

Welcome to my first blog post EVER.  I am pretty excited about it.  Partly because I have to go to work at some point today, so I am doing all that I can to procrastinate.  And the best ways to procrastinate, I have found, are to clean and cook.  So cooking obviously wins.